Monday, September 14, 2009

Vanity Fair Book Club

I have always gone through life claiming that I don't know how to cook.

Well, I confess.
That's a lie.
*Insert gasp here*
I know how to cook.

And being my mother's daughter, I also tend to go way out whenever people are coming over.
And Saturday was no exception:

So, Saturday was the meeting of my book club to discuss William Makepeace Thackery's Vanity Fair. And, as hostess, I made a wonderful assortment of yummy treats for the girls to enjoy. None of which related at all to Vanity Fair, but since I didn't finish the book (*Gasp, AGAIN*), I didn't worry about it too much and made brunch food.

NOTE* Yes, I admit that I didn't finish the book. Have you ever tried to read Vanity Fair? Don't judge until you've tried it. And, it's not like I went into book club completely empty-headed on the subject. I mean, I did watch the mini-series. That should really count for something, especially with this book. And it also turns out that Raelynn is the only real trooper in our book club, as she was the only one who did finish it (go Rae!).

For those of you who haven't read Vanity Fair, (I read it back in college, but after attempting to read it again this time, I remember now why I haven't read it since) let me give you a rundown: It's about really interesting characters in awful, boring situations. Meaning, the characters are good, well-rounded characters, but Thackery puts them in these awful situations where nothing but bad things happen to them so he can moralize on and on and on (for 700 pages) about their choices and their mistakes. Pretty much, if you want to be lectured to on the way to behave in 19th Century England, then this book is for you. Not being one of those people, I didn't make it past page 300.

So, pretty much, this meeting of the book club was more for us to get together and play catch up.

Kimmy and her new husband, Kevin, are currently in the market for a new house. She completely amazes me, because not only did she take on Kevin when they got married, she also acquired 4 stepchildren. 4! I know, I can't believe it either. But, I know of no one better equipped to handle that kind of thing than Kimmy.

Kara brought her adorable daughter, Miriam, and currently our only gagglette, with her and I can't believe how big she is getting! (Big, as in older, because the girl is still tiny!) Being 7 months old now, she has now experienced solid foods and is on the fast-track to crawling.

Raelynn, as I already mentioned was also there, but she kept ducking out of the picture every time I took one (naughty, naughty!).
So, although Vanity Fair was a dud (in my opinion at least), we did get to get together for an afternoon of brunch and conversation. We missed those that couldn't make it, but hope that next time everyone will be able to come (by the way, Leigh Ann, I hear you're hosting). Our next book will be Dan Brown's new book, Lost Symbols. I think Mr. Thackery turned us off of the 19th century for a while.
Saturday was also our friend, Shannon's, birthday. So we left her a lengthy rendition of Happy Birthday! on her voicemail. Happy Birthday Shannz! Hope you had a great one!
Oh, yeah. And the Utes beat San Jose 24-14.


Aim Aug said...

Wow Lis! Mom said you made an awesome spread! Looks yummy! Vanity Fair is off my book list. Love ya.

Sarah said...

Man that food looks SO tasty right now as I'm sitting here eating egg whites and grapefruit... c'est la vie:)Oh and GO UTES!