Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1826 Days

Mike and I have been married for 1826 days today (2008 was a leap year). Or, if you prefer, 5 years.

So, looking back, what have we accomplished in those 1826 days of married bliss?

1. Lived in an apartment (next to a crack house) for 384 days.

2. Bought our townhouse where we were supposed to only live for 365 days, but has turned into 1442 days (with no end in sight).

3. We've both changed jobs twice.

4. Adopted 1 CAT.

5. Lived through 4 seasons of University of Utah football, including 2008-2009's undefeated season, where the Utes won the Sugar Bowl.

6. Physically went to 3 of last 4 Bowl games (3 victories. 1 defeat).

7. Visited Disneyland 6 times.

8. Gone to Vegas 3 times (including our honeymoon).

9. Have NEVER been in our clubhouse pool (and never will; too gross).

10. Had 1 baby.

Not too bad for 5 years.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Want to Know What I Think is BORING?

I'll tell you.

(But please keep in mind, this is just my opinion.)

The most boring thing in the world is . . .

The NBA Draft.


(And this coming from a girl whose favorite sport is baseball.)

Mike made me watch a whole hour of it yesterday.

Seriously, who cares which barely post-adolescent, 7 foot boy is now playing for which team? I'm pretty sure they don't even care, as long as they get their millions of dollars for their "talent."

I'm actually surprised that they were able to fit all those egos into one room.

Mike also made me listen to the draft on our drive home last night, and the Jazz picked Enes Kanter, who told reporters that he is the best basketball player ever. Seriously. He said that. Yeah, don't hold back, Buddy. Tell us what you really think of yourself. Talk about ego.

I will admit though, that it was a touching moment when twins Markieff and Marcus Morris (seriously? They are both named Mark?!) were drafted one right after the other.

Oh, to be the parents of those boys! TWO sons in the NBA?! Imagine the bankroll. Lucky parents.

Okay, enough.

I don't even like basketball.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lucy's Baby Blessing

We blessed Lucy this past Sunday. My amazing mom made her blessing dress. We had lots of family and friends come to support us.

These are some of Mike's nieces. Notice they are all wearing blue. (Not BYU blue, of course, not in this family.) They nicknamed themselves "The Cousin Blue Crew" for the day. I love this picture of Mike with his mom:
Mike gave Lucy the most beautiful blessing.

My favorite part?

The fact that he didn't change her name to "Larry." (He'd been threatening to do that since she was born.)
Thanks to all those who came and we missed those that couldn't make it!