Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Worst Wife Ever

I may be the worst wife ever. 

Back in November, I heard that Kristin Chenoweth would be coming in concert for New Year's Eve. 
For those who don't know who Kristin is (you must be living under a rock, but okay, I'll still tell you), she was the original Glinda in Wicked in 2003, but I've been a huge fan of hers since she made her Broadway debut in 1997's Steel Pier. 

She's just amazing.  I own every ablum she's ever recorded (4 solo albums, not to mention original cast recordings). 

Needless to say, I was dying to see her show.  Dying. 

So much so, that I may have told Mike that if he didn't get me tickets for Christmas, I would be serving him with divorce papers the next day. And he knew I could (I know people). 

I know!  I'm the worst wife ever!  (Let the judging begin.)

I wasn't really serious, but that's how bad I wanted to go! 

Keep in mind this was back in November. 

All through December, leading up to Christmas, I badgered Mike with my request.  Every time he would ask me what I wanted for Christmas, I would say, "to go see Kristin."  And he would laugh and tell me it wasn't going to happen.  I secretly hoped that he was kidding. 

Then the show sold out. 

Crap.  Now what?!  What if he really didn't get tickets?!  I told myself it wasn't really a big deal and I would still live even if I didn't get to see the most talented person that I idolize perform live. 

Well, come Christmas morning, Mike handed me an envelope to open.

And my mom and sister said that I burst their eardrums with my scream. 

Turns out, he had bought the tickets back in November. 

Yes, he had taken all that flack from me for more than a month, just to surprise me on Christmas. 

And I felt horrible for the threats I had made.  (I know, I know!  I'm the worst wife!  But that's okay, because I have a great husband who makes up for it (suck up much?).) 

New Year's Eve finally came and we headed up to The Eccles Center in Park City.  (A side note: I prayed and prayed that it wouldn't snow that day, because if you know me, my biggest fear is being in the car in the snow.  I was so worried that we would have to miss Kristin because we wouldn't be able to drive up the canyon.  It snowed the morning of New Year's Eve, but by the time we left, the roads were mostly snow-free.) 
This is us, waiting for the show to start (Mike refused to turn around for the picture). 
I cannot even tell you how great the concert was!  Kristin looked absolutely beautiful! 
Mike was surprised that I was a "wahoo" girl.  I even toned it down because I didn't want to embarrass him, but had I really "wahoo-ed," I would have been without a voice the next day. 
And even Mike had to agree that Kristin puts on a great show.  She really knows how to connect with her audience. 
(Another side note:  To the people of Utah:  REALLY?  You're going to a concert on New Year's Eve.  Yes, it's 2 degrees outside.  But do we have to dress in jeans and Ugg boots?!  (Kristin even commented on how "casual" some people were dressed, but she was kind and said it worked.)  I seriously do not understand this.  Why do some people think it's okay to dress like that for the theater?!  (Ask Mike, my biggest pet peeve is people who don't dress up to go the the theater.)  UGH!) 
(Another, another side note:  At one point, Kristin invited 2 people on stage with her to sing "For Good" from Wicked.  We were sitting too far back for me to be picked (bummer).  One of the girls (who said she was 14) was wearing a dress that barely covered anything and NO tights.  BARE legs.  Remember, it's 2 degrees outside.  She wants to dress like a hooch, fine, that's her decision, but WHERE IS HER MOTHER TO AT LEAST MAKE HER WEAR A COAT IN THE FREEZING COLD WEATHER???????   (We saw her walk into the theater, and she, and her two other bare-legged hoochie friends, were not wearing coats.)  If Lucy ever walks out of the house like that . . . no . . . Lucy will never walk out of the house like that.  Period.) 
Anyway, it was so much fun and Mike is the best husband ever for indulging me and putting up with my screaming that night. 
I know. 
I owe him big.