Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kaylee Comes to Stay

My niece, Kaylee, turned 3 last week. So, in grand tradition, she gets to come and spend the night at Lissa and Mike's house.

We took her to see this:
Which she loved and was very good almost the entire time. Kaylee has been saying "It's so FLUFFY" since the promos came out (she can do the "does this count as annoying?" noise too), and she loved seeing the actual line it came from.

We also watched this:

Which she had also never seen before. (WHAT?! Melissa! Isn't that your favorite?! Why, yes, it is.)

But most of the time, she tried to play with the cat. She kept saying, "Kitty?" whenever the cat had managed to get out of the room without her noticing. Poor Cat was exhausted by the time she left.

We also took her to church with us, where the nursery workers told me she was a perfect angel and they would gladly trade her for some of the boys.

And we've never heard Kaylee talk to much! When she's with her brothers, she can barely get a word in edge-wise.

Kaylee is the cutest ever, and we were glad to take care of her for the weekend.

P.S. We did take pictures (of course, I swear, our kids grow up like the paparazzi is after them with all the pictures we take of them), but the cord to the camera has decided it doesn't want to work anymore, so we can't load them up. LAME.