Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 3 of Our Trip to California

Day 3.
While waiting for Tom, Stephanie, Heidi & Jessie, Mike and I took a ride on the fire truck. Where we met Alfred:
He told us all sorts of stories during our ride (we were the only ones on the truck). And I got to ring the bell!

So, being in a certain condition, I wasn't allowed to go on some of the bigger rides, so while Mike, Tom and the girls went on Space Mountain, Stephanie and I took a ride on the Carousel: Which I hadn't been on since I was a kid, because Mike thinks it's a waste.
Once again, we missed seeing my friend Jared, because he was off doing an Independent Film (and yes! He really does exist!). Too bad.

Disneyland was actually pretty crowded this time around. Not as bad as last Christmas, but still not as good as it was when we went the same week 2 years ago.

The Toy Story 2 ride in California Adventure always has the longest line. Heidi, with her snazzy 3-D glasses, waiting to ride: My favorite part this time around?

While everyone else went to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (another no no for me), Stephanie and I went to see this: Yes, Michael Jackson in Captain Eo has returned to Disneyland!

Jessie bought a new hat: And Stephanie and I pushed our way to the front of the line to ride It's a Small World:

One thing I would recommend, but I didn't take any pictures of, would be to go see World of Color show in California Adventure. It's like the fountains at Bellagio on crack. It's a water show that has projections of Disney movies.

And I played the pregancy card for the first time. We had been walking all day and my back and hips starting hurting (for pretty much the first time ever) and there were these empty benches at the back of the pack of people that were roped off, and I went up to the Disney girl working there and told her that I was pregnant and couldn't bear to stand up anymore and might we sit on the benches? She let us right in.
I felt guilty about it, but not guilty enough to give up our seats.
My family is going to Disneyland at the end of January for our Christmas this year, and I'm afraid that I'm going to have to get a wheelchair just to get around!
The World of Color show was amazing! Until . . . the show ends and everyone claps and then . . . they put up an advertisment for Tron: Legacy. Mike said it totally ruined it for him. What a ploy, to sneak in advertising when least expected.
So, that was Day 3 of Our Trip to California.
We came home the next day, so that is also the last of Our Trip to California.
The End.

Day 2 of Our California Trip

Day 2.
It rained.
So we visited an Aquarium.
See the storm coming in?
I thought it was never supposed to rain in California?!

Oh, wait. That's Camelot.

Tom insisted that when it rains in California, it's just a drizzle.

Well, this was no drizzle. This was more like going through a car wash.

We hit the mall to find warmer, dryer clothes (what! Aren't we in California?!) and dinner.

And look at what store they have there! No, I didn't go in. I just marveled from the sidewalk, because wearing all my Utah garb and having been rained on all day, I looked like a vagabond and definitely not classy enough to walk into Jimmy Choo! They would have laughed and turned me away!

Then we went to the game. Again, Jen is probably jealous, because we went to Heaven without her!

Notice how intent everyone looks (except Jessie, of course). The game wasn't going so well in the first half.

And it rained. And rained. And rained!

Stupid California.

But the Utes pulled out a victory in the end (finally! After the last 2 games, I was starting to lose hope!).
Final score: 38-34.

And that's Day 2 of Our Trip to California.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 1 of Our Trip to California

So . . . we went to California.
For what else?

The Utah Game vs. San Diego.

Tom and Stephanie were kind enough to take us on a tour of all the hot spots in Los Angeles:

Where we walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame:And one of my very favorites:
We went to Grauman's Chinese Theater and compared footprints with the stars.
The Harry Potter cast. Gene Kelly
Of course, Judy Garland.Look! My hands are the same size as hers! And Natalie Woods.

Jessie got her picture taken with Samuel L:

And I took this one for my sister, Jennifer:
Then we ventured to the place Mike was the most excited to go:
Yes. Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. After we ate, everyone was kind enough to help me search for this:
Audrey Hepburn's star.
Isn't it beautiful?! Yes, I will admit that Mike gave me a wet-nap to clean it off with before we took the picture. I wanted to get down and take one with me in it, but the street was WAY too dirty (L.A. is gross).
Then we went to the Cinerama Dome.
To watch this:

Which was VERY cool on the huge Cinerama Dome screen.

And that's Day 1 of our trip.

Stay tuned for Day 2.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh, Boys, Boys, Boys!

Well . . .
What can I say?

At least Mike didn't go to Notre Dame on our own dime. If he had, I would be really mad that we spent all that money to go watch the team LOSE (again!). But, he did get to go to Notre Dame courtesy of the bookstore. And he said it was a really good experience and he's thinking of applying for jobs out there.

Could he possibly become a Notre Dame fan (insert GASP here!) if he was working for them?


Don't be silly.

He'll always be a Ute fan.

And I learned something about myself this weekend:

Mike was gone, and for the first time in 4 years, I didn't have to watch the game. Sarah asked me if I wanted to come over and watch it with them, but I said, no, because I figured if Mike wasn't with me, I wouldn't watch it.

Man, was I wrong.

I did watch it.

All by myself.

I was just sitting at our house and what do you know? The game just happened to keep appearing on the screen. (There were times when I had to change the channel, because it was just too difficult to watch, but I always came back to it.)

I know, right?


Mike certainly has trained me well.

The final score of the game was 3-28. (Yes, the players will now be running back from Canada if they ever ask me for a ride again.) They just don't care anymore.

Some of the highlights from Mike's trip:

He saw the Sear's Tower:He ate at Gino's Pizza in Chicago.

He didn't see Oprah.

Or where Wicked is playing.

Oh, well, next time.

We're going to L.A. for the San Diego game this weekend. Which means . . . :


And we will also be watching the new Harry Potter movie on opening day . . . at the Cinerama Dome!


Monday, November 8, 2010

I . . . There . . . No Words

I don't . . . there are . . . how could . . . WHAT THE HELL??!!!

Sad, disappointed, and MAD would be a few words.


Inexcusable, guys.


And if any of you players ever ask me for a ride again, I'm going to drive you out to the Great Salt Lake and make you run back as punishment.

You guys PROMISED me that TCU would be no problem. That a win was in the bag. (And that's coming straight from the horses mouth. 3 players did tell me TO MY FACE that TCU would not be a problem. And, on top of that, they made my car smell like B.O. for 2 days. If I ever meet up with them again . . . just . . . look out!)

Jill & Durrant definitely had the right idea. I should have sold my ticket too.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween (and Air Force)

Why is it that since Mike and I have been married Halloween always coincides with a football game? It really ruins my Halloween spirit!
This year, I really wanted to go and see The Rocky Horror Picture Show, like I want to every year, but Mike ALWAYS refuses me. I don't understand why. He would look really good as Dr. Frankenfurter in fishnet stockings, platforms and a corset. What can I say? The man is stubborn.

So . . . what did we dress up as?

You got it.

Utah fans.

I keep telling Mike that Halloween is not about being something you are everyday! It's the one day a year you can dress up crazy and no one can judge you! That's what is so great about Halloween!

Anyway, we went to the Steed's once again to watch the Air Force game on Saturday night. And, I'm not afraid to admit (afraid? on Halloween? Spooky.) that it was a close game. Too close for my comfort. Which is strange since I've been bored with the past few blow-outs. Hmmm . . . I guess Mike is right, there's just no pleasing me. I was definitely worried when we let a 28-10 lead go, but Mike just kept saying, "It's fine." It's a damn good thing they still won, because if they hadn't, I'm pretty sure Mike would have been in a bad mood for weeks.

Final score: 28-23.


Anything else I want to share with you?

Thankfully, the Stupid Texas Rangers were embarrassed with their showing at the World Series. The San Francisco Giants won the title in 5 games last night. Which goes to show that my Yankees just didn't have the heart to win it this year. Oh, well. Next year. If it couldn't be my Yankees, then I'm happy the Giants were able to make a showing.

And, oh yeah . . .

There will be no belly pictures.