Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 2 of Our California Trip

Day 2.
It rained.
So we visited an Aquarium.
See the storm coming in?
I thought it was never supposed to rain in California?!

Oh, wait. That's Camelot.

Tom insisted that when it rains in California, it's just a drizzle.

Well, this was no drizzle. This was more like going through a car wash.

We hit the mall to find warmer, dryer clothes (what! Aren't we in California?!) and dinner.

And look at what store they have there! No, I didn't go in. I just marveled from the sidewalk, because wearing all my Utah garb and having been rained on all day, I looked like a vagabond and definitely not classy enough to walk into Jimmy Choo! They would have laughed and turned me away!

Then we went to the game. Again, Jen is probably jealous, because we went to Heaven without her!

Notice how intent everyone looks (except Jessie, of course). The game wasn't going so well in the first half.

And it rained. And rained. And rained!

Stupid California.

But the Utes pulled out a victory in the end (finally! After the last 2 games, I was starting to lose hope!).
Final score: 38-34.

And that's Day 2 of Our Trip to California.

Stay tuned for Day 3!