Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kaylee!

Sunday was my niece, Kaylee's, 2nd birthday. One of her favorite presents was a set of "dress-up" shoes that Grandma gave her. She must really be my niece, because she loves shoes just about as much as I do! She had to try on every pair (and yes, she wears them in pairs) just as soon as I could get them out of the box! Mike and I gave her a set of Disney Princess Paperdolls (which, yes, she probably is a little young for, but I figured they could stay at Grandma's house so I could play with them!), a tea set (see picture below) which Kaylee and I had fun playing with, and a box of Disney Princess fruit snacks (her favorite thing). I gave her the fruit snacks to open first, thinking that no way could fruit snacks be better than any of the toys she was going to get. Wrong! After she opened them, she wasn't interested in anything else until she got to eat some fruit snacks.
Mike and I also got her a bubble wand shaped like an ice cream cone. Kaylee loves bubbles!

Happy Birthday, Kaylee!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm going to kill everyone I work with!

No...seriously, I will.


After months of pressure from many sources (i.e., my mom, my sister, SARAH, etc.), I finally cracked and created a blog for us. Don't ask me what we will write about as Mike and I are really pretty boring. But you can look forward to hearing all about how the Utes are doing once the season starts, I'm sure. Either that or the hilarious antics of our cat.