Friday, October 26, 2012

Update on Lucy's JIA

Yesterday, Lucy had a follow-up appointment at Primary Children's regarding her JIA. 

She loved the toys in the waiting room. 

What she didn't love was the poking, the prodding, and the stretching that the doctors did to her. 

It has been determined that Lucy's JIA is not getting any better with the treatment she is on and we must move to the next step. 

So, on November 5th, Lucy will be put under complete anesthesia and given injections into both her knees and her left ankle (oh yeah, it's spread to her ankle now). 
I had thought that Lucy was getting better.  She was walking a little bit more than she had before we started treatment.  But, once the doctors watched her walk, they told me she must be in a lot of pain. 
They say that this treatment will really help her and she should be pain-free for 6-12 months  (or maybe longer!).  Which would make her even happier (a happier Lucy?!  Not possible!) 

We just really hope and pray that it works!

In happier news, we were blessed with a new great-niece and a great-nephew this past week.  Congratulations to Ashley and Rusty on Baby Claire and to Chris and Kelli on Baby Tyler!