Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goodbye ClydeSnow

My last day at Clyde Snow & Sessions.
Some wore purple just for me. These people know me too well. Good thing I'm getting out now.
The man in the middle is Perrin, one of my bosses. After I gave my notice, he didn't say a thing about it, and I just figured he didn't really care all that much. But when he said good bye to me, the man seriously got weepy. Which made me get weepy.
Goodbye Perrin. Yes, that cake says "Will Miss You Melissa." WILL. Brilliant.
Stay classy, Remmington.
Goodbye Bethany. You share my love of purple.
Goodbye Dawn. Thank you for organizing the farewell luncheon and being just so great. I hope you achieve your retirement dreams in that little 2000 population town in Oregon.
Goodbye Marilyn. I hope your sons remain safe on their missions.
Goodbye Janeen. Thanks for all the advice on Snow Christensen, listening when I needed to vent and GO UTES!
Goodbye Jennifer. You were a really great, low-maintanence boss.
Goodbye Lindsay. I still maintain that it's unfair for someone to be that beautiful and that nice.
(Notice the purple ribbons everyone is wearing. It was for "Melissa-Awareness Day."
I had no idea anyone cared that much.)
Goodbye Anneli. I'll miss you most of all. You were absolutely the best boss ever and the most amazing woman I've ever met. How you do what you do and put up with whom you put up with assures you a place in Heaven.Good bye Kim.
Good bye Wendy. You have the cutest kids ever. Tell Kayla I need a new picture to hang in the new place.
Goodbye Kim. You're the best, and enjoy singlehood.
Goodbye Kari (who wasn't there because she just had a baby. See previous post). You're going to be an amazing mother. And you're the most thoughtful, considerate person I know.
I love you both.
I'll try to find you both jobs so that the separation isn't too long!
Thanks for everything ClydeSnow.
Some things I loved, some things I truly hated, but all things I considered (and I considered A LOT of things), I enjoyed the ride.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Mystery Baby

Some months ago (9 to be exact), my friend, Kari, found out that she was expecting.

And she REFUSED to find out the sex of the baby.


I begged. I pleaded. I even tried to bribe her to find out.

Still she refused.


Kari was totally convinced that it was a boy, and for about the first 7 months, I was positive it was a girl. But Kari was so damn sure it was a boy, everyone who thought it was a girl eventually gave in and came over to the boy side. (I told her that there was a simple, easy, painless way to settle all the disputes. FIND OUT. She still refused.)

Part of Kari's birth plan was that if she happened to go into labor while she was at work, I would be the one to drive her to the hospital. (And I selfishly wished for this too, so I could miss work.)

Well, this past Tuesday, my wish came true.

About noon, Kari called me and asked if I had lunch plans, because I might need to drive her to the hospital. I cancelled all plans and waited anxiously for her to tell me if we were going, or it was a false alarm. And what was Kari doing, you might ask? She was in a meeting. Yup, the woman is invincible. Her water has broken and she's still able to sit in a meeting and discuss things like nothing important has happened.
So, after her meeting, Kari called her doctor's office and they told her to go the hospital.

Needless to say, I was a wreck. Do we have everything? Quit trying to work, Kari, we're having a baby!

And Kari was totally calm.

I called Kari's husband, Don, to come to the hospital, and he was totally calm too. Hello! We're having a baby! And this was their first baby, by the way. (What kind of baby was still up in the air, and driving me crazy.) How they could be so calm, I'll never know.

So, Kari trusted me to be calm enough to drive her and her unborn child (boy? girl? WHO KNOWS?) to the hospital.

So, Don couldn't get there for a while, and I wasn't about to leave Kari alone, so I stayed with her. And watched them put in her IV (gross). We're pretty sure the nurses must have thought we were a lesbian couple (right on).

And when the nurse came in with the ultrasound machine to see if the baby's head was in the right place, I freely admit that I tried to bribe her to tell me what the sex of the baby was. (She said she couldn't tell, and that all she was able to see was whether the head was facing down. I think she was lying.)

They hooked Kari up to a machine to monitor the baby's heartbeat and her contractions. And when she had a contraction, I would say, "Did you feel that?!" And she would say, "No." It was fun for a while, but I'll bet Kari got sick of me asking her if she "felt that."

Seriously, she must be wonderwoman.

And at 11:02 pm, a new life came into this world.
In the form of . . . A GIRL! (I was right all along.)

Josephine Ryan Peck was born at 11:02 pm on March 2nd. 7lbs 2oz and 22.5 inches long. (Yes, a long baby, but keep in mind her parents met in Utah's Tall Club. Don is something like 7'6". I come up to his waist. Literally.)

I'm really grateful that Kari let me go to the hospital with her and be there for some of it. I've never been there when a person is actually about to give birth, so it was a totally new view for me.

Look at her feet!
And those long toes!

She's going to be dancer!

Either that or a basketball player.

Congratulations you guys!