Monday, November 8, 2010

I . . . There . . . No Words

I don't . . . there are . . . how could . . . WHAT THE HELL??!!!

Sad, disappointed, and MAD would be a few words.


Inexcusable, guys.


And if any of you players ever ask me for a ride again, I'm going to drive you out to the Great Salt Lake and make you run back as punishment.

You guys PROMISED me that TCU would be no problem. That a win was in the bag. (And that's coming straight from the horses mouth. 3 players did tell me TO MY FACE that TCU would not be a problem. And, on top of that, they made my car smell like B.O. for 2 days. If I ever meet up with them again . . . just . . . look out!)

Jill & Durrant definitely had the right idea. I should have sold my ticket too.


Sarah said...

Tears... lots of tears:(

Candee Robinson said...

Remember....IT IS JUST A GAME!