Monday, September 21, 2009


We're saddened to report a loss in our family. A loss that will be felt most deeply and profoundly and leave a void that cannot be replaced. One that will affect us forever as we struggle to continue to find the meaning and purpose of our existence once again:

The end of the 16-game winning streak of the University of Utah football team.

Yes, it's true. The U lost on Saturday to Oregon, 24-31. So close! It was a heart-wrenching game where the wrong plays were called and Mike yelled at the TV most of the afternoon.

But at least we didn't get creamed like BYU.




Ryan W said...

It certainly was a sad day but it's good to know we didn't get destroyed like the kittykats. I'm glad Mike did some yelling, I wasn't available to do any.

Aim Aug said...

I hate it. But it is true. go utes....

Sarah said...

I cried for hours on end:( Oh well... the season must go on.