Monday, December 20, 2010

I Think this Baby is the Lucky One . . .

And I don't mean because she's coming into our family (of course not! If anything, she'll be LUCKY to survive!).

Let me explain:

This last Friday was my company's work party and my first year celebrating with SC&M.

Our Christmas luncheon, held at The Little America, was delicious, and even though the entertainment was definitely a bit long for me (and NOT Christmas related, by the way (who planned that?!)), it was still fun to not have to be at work for a while.

So, apparently, at SC&M they do a prize drawing every year at the Christmas luncheon. And there were some really good prizes! A lot of cash was given away, Jazz tickets, laptops, and the ultimate prizes, 2 flat screen TV's.

Well, being me who never wins anything (okay, okay, so, yes, when Crack and I went to San Francisco she won 3rd row tickets to Wicked, but again, SHE won, not me. And then when Wicked came here last year, yes I won 3rd row tickets, but I went down and tried EVERYDAY, so the odds were that eventually I would win those, but other than those two examples, I really never win anything. Ask anyone in my family, we're just unlucky that way.), I was completely surprised when they pulled my name out for $100.

$100 great! I'll take it!

I sent Mike a message saying, "I won a $100, but that means I'm out of the running for the flat screen TV's."

He said: "Give it back." (Yeah, right.)

So . . . then there was more "entertainment" (and more yawning from me).

Then they did they drawings for the big prizes: laptops, TVs, big $.

And they put all the names that had already won back in for the big prizes.

So, guess what happened?!

I won a flat-screen TV.
Can you believe it?!

I know. Me either. I had to the give the $100 back, but who cares?! A flat screen vs. $100?
Tough decision.
It must be the baby.
How else do you explain something like that? The "Rookie' at the firm wins. Although, Mike wonders if they were secretly bribing me to make sure I stay after the baby is born.
P.S. Do you like the Santa on the side of the screen → ? I think he's hilarious! A hillbilly Santa with red eyes and only 2 teeth?! Definitely made me laugh.

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Aim Aug said...

Santa needs to see a dentist. That must be one lucky baby girl! Of course, she does have me for an aunt, so naturally she's lucky that way! Cuz I'm awesome like that.