Thursday, February 2, 2012


It's been nearly a month since I've enlightened the blogsphere with my latest crazy antics.

Why the silence?

Because I've got nothing.

Just life.

(Oh, I could go on and on and on about our little girl and how amazing and wonderful and beautiful she is, but that would bore you, right? So, no. Nothing about Lucy. (Although I took her to her first movie yesterday, Beauty and the Beast in 3D. She was very good. And she loved singing along. AND she is nearly walking! She takes a few steps every now and then, but she doesn't understand why she should bother when she can get there faster by crawling. She's so silly. Okay, there, now nothing about Lucy.))

Lately, my life is full of "why's."

Why can't I eat chocolate with every meal? (Who says I don't?)

Why can't I buy those $600 shoes? Why can't I sleep as long as I want?

And most especially, Why can't I have the one thing my heart most desires? Why?! Why?! WHY?! (And that thing has nothing to do with chocolate, shoes, or sleep.)


In the meantime, while I ask my "Why's" and wait patiently (I'm trying, Lord, I promise!) for an answer, I'll just try to continue to enjoy the things I do have.

Namely, this beauty:
Oh, yeah.
And this year we will be celebrating Valentine's Day. (GASP! WHAT?! NO!) Yes. I told Mike that since our nights out are now few and far between and even though it's still the stupidest holiday ever, he'd better get on board and prepare to celebrate to the utmost grossiest extent possible.
Because I could really use a little romance.

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Sarah said...

Ok seriously DARLING pictures! I'm right there with you lady.